Luge 2005...better late then never!
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Wendy said if we are going to do it -it
needs to be right --lights and all.  I said if
it was to work we needed to get snow
trucked in and she bit her lip, but agreed.
START DAY: Saturday, March 12.
I started snow blowing the driveway and
decided to call in the bigger guns.  I
called my snow conection -Curt.  He
came over and used his plow to move
the snow in my driveway and on the side
of the street into a small, but useable
starting pile.  It was obvious that this
would not be a record breaking Luge -in
fact it was going to be a short, qucik
I carved the track out with my snow blower and started to shovel...and shovel...and shovel.  Justin worked tirelesly to carve a
walkign path out of the pile that was plowed. He shoveld for nearly 2 hours.  It was this determinatin which led me to bestow
upon him the title of Co-Lugemaster along with my trusty right hand man, Matt. I called in my snow order and recevd my first
23 yards on Tuesday night.  The skidstear arrived earlier in the day.  I took off Wed and Thursday and worked through the
On Thuirsday I put in 13 hours of shoveling and snowblowing --Friday was the first offcial day of use.  It was the firts time we
ever pulled it off so qucikjluy.  Days were in the upper 20s and nights in the single digits.  This would change quickly as Friady
rolled in the daytime temp rose to 33.  Saturday was going to be in the mid-30s and Sunday (the chosen day for the luge-party
in the upper 30s with bright sunshine.  I was nervouse and starting to doubt that we could pull this off.
Sorry Curt
A special thank you
to Curt Kreis of
Pouliot and Corriveau
Trucking for all of his
help in making this
year's luge possible.
Between last minute
snow delivery and
allowing me to retain
his skidstear on my
property to fine tune
and shore up the
walls -This year's
dedicated to you!!!
oh well, I guess
I think I can, I think I can...
alright, maybe
Try, try and try again...
Build the Luge:       Saturday March 12 - Thursday, March 17.
Heavy Equipment:  Tuesday, March 15 and Saturday, March 19.
Opening Night:       Friday, March 18 -neighbors and friends.
Day 2:                   Saturday, March 19 -friends and neighbors -test and use track prior to full scale party. 23 yards of snow
Day 3:                   Sunday, March 20 - Justin's class party. 55 people attend 25 kids and 10 adults use it.
Day 4:                   Monday, March 21 - Christian's closest buddies come to use it with him.
Day 5:                   Tuesday, March 22 - That's all Folks.  The Luge is done.  48 degrees today We used it tonight for the last
Day 6:                   Wed. March 23, I guess not
Day 7:                   Thursday March 24, Now it's really done
While the Luge normally has been up and running for 6-8 weeks by now (March 22), and it usually is done and closed by this
week I simply felt guilty not building one for the boys this year.  It has been a misserable year for snow -at least through early
Feb.  By the first week in Feb. we had received less then 2 feet of snow the whole season and that was interspersed with many
rain storms so the ground was all but bare. My unoffcial cutoff was January 31.  I announced to everyone that it would not
happen this year.  Oh well.  Feb. came and we got snow.  By the first week in March we had nearly 30" on the ground and
visions of Luging danced in my head.  If I built it now -maybe we could squeeze a class party in and get some friends to use it.  
Upon the urging of Justin and Christian (more try it Luge) we decided to do it.
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