Saturday, Saturday, Saturday Night's alright for...Luging
Justin, enjoying one his 300 runs
Our good friend
Mom getting Tin situated for his next
Erin a neighboring
Kasie trying not to fall
Kaitlyn, Kasie's cousin visiting from
Champaign, IL
It was only Saturday and the big Luge party was 24 hours away.  46 degrees and sun took its toll and we needed to shore
up the walls, in particular the straight shot from the starting pile.  23 yards of snow courtesy of Curt to the rescue..  It
arrived at 8 pm while we were Luging.  We told everyone to take a 30 minute break while Aaron and I repaired the area.  
We actaully had it operational in under 20 minutes.  Thank You very much Aaron Lee!!!!
With precision aim -Curt dumps it on the track and Aaron and I shoveled it out, building up the
inside wall which was in critical shape.  Within a short few minutes everyone was back on
track...pun intended!
Bonnie, Aaron's wife showing perfect
Tami from Barre Town School
showing her stuff along with her
boyfriend who had considerably
more trouble keeping his form.
Friends and neighbors of all ages -come here for one thing and one thing only.  Bruises... just kidding -a good time acting
like kids.