Luge 2003
Delivery number one and two.  January 26, 2003 and January 30.  20 yards ea. 40 total.
Delivery three and four. Feb 2. 2003.  An additional 40 yards. 80 total.
Assistant Lugemaster Justin and junior truck driver Christian assisting with snow appropriation.
1) After moving dump #1.                             2) Dump #2                             3) moving dump #2
Moving dump #3 and 4.  King of the Luge pile. John, Matt, Justin
and Christian.  Wendy took the pix.
Justin doing his part to move the big pile!
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Welcome back! This is year seven for the Luge --although last year we never got it off the ground due to
a LACK of one major component --Snow.  We only received about 15" the whole season so actually
this is the sixth Luge in the seventh year.  Even this year with "all the snow" we've had we are still running
way behind.  We received a fair dose of snow early -November and December- usaully not useable
because it tends to melt before the real snow arrives in January and Feb.  We have had to employ
extreeme measures to get this project moving this year...we have had snow trucked in.  So far (Feb.3)
we have received nearly 80 yards of snow (4 construction dump truck loads).  Thanks to our good friend
Curt Kreis (Pouliot & Corriveau Trucking)  for taking time out of his busy schedule to get us the snow.
Either I'm getting old or this trucked in snow is hard work.  I'm a hurting unit as I type this.  Even my
fingers ache. Matt, my former assistant LugeMaster is back this year as is his former replacement Justin
(my youngest son).  Both have worked very hard as can be seen by the pix below.     
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