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I grew up in Europe (no, I am not an Army-Brat, my father was a Computer executive) and loved it. My
parents  believed in traveling so we took a lot of trips, even if only day trips I had the opportunity to see a lot of
the world. I can't speak for my brother or sisters, but I really enjoyed the history, art and geography. My mother
was into art and history so I benefited from her knowledge and desire to see the many museums available.  
Having lived in....

USA 1964
Marlborough, MA
Germany  1965-1967
Ruppertshain; (66)
Bad  Homburg / Taunus; Germany (67)
England 1967-1968
Maidenhead , United Kingdom -  Since Maidenhead does not have it's own page this is  the best I can do for now.
Germany  1968-1970
Oberursel / Taunus; Germany
USA 1970-1972
Falmouth, MA (summer 70)
Natick,  MA
Austria 1972-1975  
Mödling (72-73)
Vienna Online (73-75), We actually lived in the 19th District:  Grinzing     
Hungary (summer of 75)
Germany  1975-1976
Bad Homburg,  Germany
Holland 1976-1977
Den Haag (The Hague), Netherlands / Holland; I actually lived in the Scheveningen district.
USA 1977-1984  (MA, NH, VT)
Lincoln, MA (summer 77)
Needham, MA; (77-80)  
Barre,  VT (80-81)
Rindge, NH; (81-82)
Boston, MA; (82-84)
Germany 1984-1984 (6 months)
Ingolstadt, Germany
USA 1984-present (VA,  VT)
Barre,  VT (84-85)
Nokesville,  VA; (85-86)
Barre,  VT (86-present)

  ...I had many opportunities to see many different Cultures, Architecture, Art, Languages and Histories (plural
because the same period of history seems to have a different slant depending on whose version you read).

Below I will add links to some of my favorite sites around the world.
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