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I don't normally put music on this site (due to download speeds) but I made an exception in this
case.  The boys were fortunate enough to spend some time with Brad Delp (lead singer for the
group Boston) at a Beatles tribute concert in January 2007.  Brad sat with us and he spoke with
the boys about their (all of them) love of Beatles music.  He invited us to come to see his Beatles
Band (
Beatlejuice) on March 2 but Christian had just been released from the hospital due to
pneumonia so we opted for a different show.  Sadly Brad died on March 9, 2007.
Discovery Cove, Orlando, FL.  Swimming with the dolphons.
Christian's favorite place in world  - Disneyworld
Christian's other best friend, Sugarbear, Danville, VT
Christian's best girl friend - Maise.
Best buddy in the world - Matt, brother and Paul from Tribute64, Beatles show.
Skating with his buddies - the Norwich University hockey team.
Justin, John Lennon (Tribute64) and Mom.
Ringo and George
Dinner while camping in Me. - 3 lb lobster! - All his!
oooohh, that hair!
His favorite past time!
If you can't do hockey -Golf is a great substitute.
I just can't do a thing with it.
Swimming while camping.
Dancing with friends at a school dance.
Can you tell he loves music and dancing!
Martin St.Louis with the Stanley cup.
In the school marching band.
Medal ceremony at the unified special olympics for Bocce Ball.
If not Florida -he loves the beach in Maine.
Opening up his world.  Facilitated Communication with his teacher Harvey.
Can you guess what his favorite team is?  His bedroom.
Updated 7/2008
Christian vistiing Fenway Park.  He loves the Red Sox.  A new sport to
watch when there is no ice.
8th Grade fieldtrip to Boston.  Christian and his best friend Maisie
Braces or not, Christian wanted to march with the band.  
Memorial Day 2008.  It was hot and his legs hurt but he did it.
 Mom helped him, with meds and water in her cooler and
radio in case he did not make it.  I walked along the side with
a wheelchair.  He walked the whole thing!
Walking up to gethis diploma.  He really earned this!
Justin helping him swing.  It's kind of like hockey.
His team.   Stacy (case manager), Maisie, Trudy (one-on-one aide), Tin, Diane  
(Speech pathologist) and CIndy (one-on-one aide).  They are all GREAT!
I do it! - With daddy, racing.
With Maisie right before Graduation.