Cliff Notes
               Good News

  • Christian has been diagnosed with ESES

  • Seizures related to ESES end in your middle
    teenage years.

  • Christian is 14 1/2.

  • In many cases any underlying seizure disorder
    ends with the ESES seizures.

  • When they end --a large bottleneck that has
    keep him from learning or progressing will be

  • Christian will be able to retain what he learns.

  • The foundations for speech are there and the
    connections have been made -Christian's
    speech should improve drastically.
                 Bad News

  • Having seizures 85% of the time that he is

  • These particular seizures are extremely hard to

  • One big reason for Christian not learning
    (developmental delays) is that it takes SLEEP
    to allow the brain to covert learned items to
    permanent memory and Christian's sleep is
    interrupted 85% of the time by seizures.