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Luge 2004 The Building Blocks...
Building the Luge usually takes snow, a snowblower, a shovel, a saucer and man power.  Last year we added 80 yards
of delivered snow to the mix.  This year we had to resort to extreme measures due to Mother Natures lack of
assistance.  We had snow delivered (7 loads or 140 yards), we resorted to accepting an offer for a tractor to move
some of the delivered snow and my trusty workhorse snow blower went in the shop 3 times during the building process
for a variety of repairs due to the work environment I use it in.  I bought chains for the SnoHog tires on the snowblower
to assist in deep/hard pack snow.  The first couple of loads of snow had some rock ledge pieces in it which broke the
sheer pins on the snowblower auger (well, 4 pins).  Then after getting new ones and working for a little while I got a
another rock stuck in the impeller which needed to be replaced.  Then after getting it back I was working in the side
yard and broke a drive sheer pin.  I bought some extra ones and now it seems to be working.
The starting pile need more height so Kurt (our snowman) brought his skidsteer to help raise the height.  Here is today's (2/18/2004)
Starting Pile before Kurt got at it.
So, is he working or having fun????
Start on the roof?... just kidding but we are
roof high now!!
I think I can, I think I can....
The NEW view from the top.  It is
NOW we have a Luge!!
More try it that!  Christian just loves
Luge Time!