Better Late Then Never                                     Offical Opening Feb 19th, 2004.
...Luge 2004

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                                                                                                                                      Feb 29, 2004


We had our first of (hopefully)
three Luge Parties last night
(Feb. 27th). Barre Blades Mite
B hockey team (Justin's team).  
We enjoyed 25 Lugers and
parent spectators!  This party
and the Luge as a whole would
not have been possible
without the dedication and
enthusiasm from Matt....

The Dedicated and somewhat
CRAZY Assistant Lugemaster!
Seen here wearing his trademark
Luge Hat and his survivor shirt
-riding the metal saucer of doom!

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more pictures from the party!

What started out as an exciting year has
turned into a pathetic excuse for a winter.  In
December we got 5 feet of snow --plenty to
make a luge-- but, we never start the Luge
in December because all too often that snow
does not stay around all winter.  Between
December and when we usually start it
(week of Jan 20th) it warms up numerous
times and we get what we in the North
Country refer to as the January Thaw (a
week of 40's and in some cases 50s with
rain and all that anti-winter stuff).
Sooo... none of that snow was used.
This year really was no different but the
week of Christmas was warm and full of rain
and we have not had any measurable snow
since the week of Dec. 18 (yes, thats 7
weeks).  Unlike years past including last
year when we got our first snow delivery, we
always had real snow to work with -snow that
would smooth the track and build not only a
functional but and esthetically pleasing track.
THIS YEAR -what you see is what you get -a
lot of hard work and a less then desirable
results (compared to the past two years).

Eyes of determination!
We will have a Luge no matter what it
takes!  This is John -The Lugemaster.
Some call me crazy, some think I'm
nuts -I think I'm a Dad!

Is my head smoking?
This is Matt.  Matt has been the
assistant Lugemaster since 1999,
although in 2002 he strayed for the
season and my youngest son Justin
became the assistant.  He since found
the errors in his ways and has
returned.  The Luge would not have
happend this year if it were not for Matt.

Mom made me wear this thing!
This is Justin.  He is 9 years old and
loves to help.  He not only shovels and
helps move snow but this year he is
also taking pictures and of course
testing the track.

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