We don't have any still shots of a grand mal (Tonic Clonic) seizure but here are three examples of partial complex seizures,
that account for 90% of his seizures.
Starts with a head turn to the left (90%
of the time).  Sometimes it will return to
normal (baseline) two or three times before
progressing into a full seizure.
Eyes shift and turn far left in his sockets.  
Head continues to turn)
His head/neck is stiff, eyes turned in the direction of head.  Becomes non-verbal.  This may last from a few minutes to 15-20 minutes.  Depending on
the seizure it may evolve from here to a Grand Mal (Tonic Clonic).  Since we started using Diastat we would administer it at 5 minutes and usually it would be
done by 8-10 minutes.  On rare occasions it would still progress and we would have to either use more Diastat or transport him to an ER.
At its end stages his head will return to base line and may again turn to the side for a brief period before returning quickly to base line.  He will almost always
start to speak by saying "Salsae (seizure), all done".  He will rub his eyes and complain of being tired.  On many occasions he will fall asleep and nap an
hour or two.  If Diastat was used he will nap 3-4 hours and his walking will be impaired for at least 24 hours.
Another example of what he looks like during a seizure.  Clearly not in pain, but definitely "nobody's home" blank stare.  The most important picture here is the
last one.  It shows what we refer to as his "seizure smirk".  A very obviously non-symmetrical smile.  Christian, who loves to fake seizures these days, can't fake
these smiles.  One way we can tell if he is faking or if he truly had a seizure we may not have caught is to see this smile.
A third example of what it looks like).