Seizure Pictures
These photos are of a Partial Complex seizure.  It usually starts with him saying he is or will have a
seizure followed by anywhere from 1 to 6 minutes of this type of activity.  He may remain verbal
througout stating he is having one and that he is scared although often he becomes non-verbal for a
portion of it -say 2-3 minutes.
His eyes turn left  (although on some occasions they will turn right) followed by his head turning as
well.  On his most recent two Grand Mal's (4/4/2003 and 4/23/2003) he started with this type of
behavior and then actually turned his entire body around almost like a dog chasing his tail --following
the sharp turn of his eyes in a circle.
The eye and head turning will stop quickly when the seizure ends -usually with a few blinks and
sometimes another quick turn to the left, maybe two or three times for 2 or 3 seconds each.  He is
then usaully tired and rubs his eyes and yawns.  Often he will return to his previous activty although
on occasion he will become nauseated and also quite irritable for up to 45 minutes.
9-15-03, 7:20
This is what is nkown as Christian's Seizure Smirk.
Notice that his smile is NOT simetrical.  This is
common after his more intense partial complexes
and can be used to verify whether or not he faked it
or not.  He does not have his typical smirk after a
fake seizure -and yes he does fake them -head
turning, speechless et all!
August 26, 2003 at the Bus
These shots are from September 2001.
In an effort to help those who work with Christian we are trying to come up with some
pictures of him during a seizure so these individuals can more easily spot one.