We keep a daily chart / record of a variety of data so that we can track the effects that changes in therapy have.  This has proven very valuable over
the years to help us prove (to the medical community or ourselves) that a particular dose of medication or medication all together was directly
related to a TIC or, behavior or onset of symptom.

Things to keep in mind while viewing data:
1) If you see a Question-mark with a circle around it you can point to it or click on it for further, more detailed information about that point.
2) Files are in Acrobat PDF format.  They re 75 to 200 KB in size.
Dec 19, 2006 to April 11, 2007
VNS back on, Prednisone trial for TN pain,
reducing Lyrica back to 12.5 mg, many
types of TICs
August 13, 06 > December 18, 06
VNS inadvertently turned off, TN bout.  No
April 13, 06 > August 12, 06
A variety of TICs along with seizures and
December 13, 05 > April 12, 06
Start Lyrica for TN
August 13, 05 > December 12, 05
Mouth Pain (Trigeminal Neuralgia - TN)
starts. Seizures become more frequent
again.  Try Neurontin and Hydrocodone for
April 12, 05 > August 12, 05
Disney trip and seizures starting up again.
October 13, 04 > April 11, 05
VNS surgery and beyond.  Included
medication reductions and ramping up on
VNS voltage.  
May 13, 04 > October 12, 04
Period leading up to VNS surgery.  This
included many seizures, the use of Diastat,
hospitalization at Dartmouth for
uncontrolled Status Spike Wave seizures.  
Anywhere up to a week behind.  I try
to update regularly, but sometimes
time gets a way from me.  Please
contact me if you need something
more current then what is here.
PDF Chart detailing the total number of seizures per month leading up to the VNS surgery, the 8 month seizure free period
and the start of the seizures again.  Chart includes weight and medications.

Post VNS seizures by month