Christian Ryan Sell, "Tin Man"'s  Medical Website
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Christian Ryan Sell                                                        Born: December 29, 1991

Christian is a very engaging, very happy outgoing young man.  He has an aura
about him that draws people to him.  We often have perfect strangers come up to
us and comment about him.  He loves music, school and HOCKEY!  He loves to
entertain people and he feeds on being the center of attention and getting a good
laugh out everyone.

Currently he is in 8th grade at Barre Town Elementary School (BTMES).  
Christian maintains an A average in the classes he participates in which include
8th grade language arts and 6th grade mathematics.  He uses Facilitated
Communication to assist in his schooling.  While controversial to some we have
seen too many cases (first hand) that we are believers and are working hard to
help Christian succeed using FC to further his education and life skills.

Christian has been at BTMES for 12 years, since he was 3.  He attended two
preschool years and 2 Kindergarten years and then regular classes.  Thanks to
mainstreaming Christian has been in regular classrooms his whole life and by
way of this has picked up so much.  If it were not for the Special Education
system in VT. Christian would be stuck in the past.

Because of his mainstreaming Christian is fully accepted by all his peers as a
regular part of his class and is encouraged to participate and attend all activities
from Dances to Band to Talent shows.  Check out the Photo Album link above.